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Designing a Professional Web 2.0 Logo [Photoshop]
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yazan vB.Org Poster 08 Dec 2017, 01:31
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I am Alex the Founder and Administrator At

I Decided to share my tutorial with you guys. This tutorial will show you 2 basic things that are key in web design and development. Those 2 elements are, Opacity/Fill. Opacity can be many things in this tutorial we will use it to represent the reflection in this tutorial. And the 2nd thing you will be looking at is the style. Style is key to standing out and being noticed. It is not recommend you copy this tutorial EXACTLY! feel free to tweak around and add your own effects and tricks. I am just demonstrating a few basics. I hope once you'r finished you can start making your own logos and banners for your own vBulletin!

I hope you guys like the tutorial.

Start of by making a New Document>File New>

1.) Type the words you'd like to make glossy and web2.0 like, With the font "Tahoma" Selected with a 48 PT as the font size.
>>>Feel free to make words bolder or bigger with different colors at your own desire.

2.(optional) Go to Layer>Layer Style>Gradient Overlay and make something so that the top color of the font is lighter then the bottom or you can just leave it.

3.) Select the Text layer you want to be reflective then go to Layer>Duplicate layer. You will now have 2 of the exact same text layers overlapping each other. With the Move tool Drop it just under the original text.

4.) Select the layer on the bottom. Go to Edit>Transform Flip Vertically.

5.) On the text layer. Change the "Opacity" And the "Fill" to 45% for both! If you feel this isn't strong enough or it is to strong then you can either lower the number for a lighter effect or raise the number for more boldness.

6.) To add a cool little effect select the line tool and make it be a 3 PT Line, Select a 3 PT soft brush. Then make something similar to this. With the pen tool. Click Create new layer for this layer will be the layer of this pen tool.

Right click and go to "Stroke Path" With "simulate" Pressure on. You will get something similar to this

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