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Kayıt Tarihi: Nov 2017
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Mod: vBulletin 3.8, yazar TTayfun 04 Jan 2018, 16:18

This displays who has read a thread, and the time they last looked at it.

Hovering over a name will show when the member last viewed the thread, you can view the ip address the member used in the 'View-All' display.

There is also an option to allow a thread author to view who has read their thread when they are not in one of the allowed usergroups. The IP and number of days restrictions still apply.

The 3.8.001 release adds the option to restrict the display to certain forums only.

The set/reset facility allows members to click on the 'set' link which then sets a personal 'cutoff' time - only showing who has read the thread after that time. The time can be reset as many times wanted, and also completely cleared again. When using this facility there is also a link to allow you to view a seperate list of all readers of the thread.

Warning: When using the set/reset option - there is only a limited capacity of entries per thread (several thousand) - therefore you should only allow this feature to be used by a limited number of people - typically Staff usergroups. Allowing all members to use it will probably slow down your forum and cause errors if more than about 3000 members set a date on one thread.

A cron job (optionally) allows the deletion of records from the whoread table that are over a certain age - this is provided for large forums where the number of table entries can start to reach a million or more after 12 months. The delete age is a setting in the ACP.

There are also settings for the following (in vBulletin Options > Who Has Read a Thread) ;
  1. Turn the system on/off.
  2. Restrict the display to certain usergroups
  3. Restrict the IP display to certain usergroups.
  4. Restrict the display to a set number of days.
  5. Option to allow thread author to view who read information.
  6. Option to turn on the who read cutoff date (reset) function
  7. Restrict use of reset function to certain usergroups.
  8. Option to set whoread data records to be cleaned out after xxx days.
  9. Clicking on a user will display a page of their thread viewing history, most recent first.
  10. Restrict the display to certain forums only.

Note: When using option 4 or the set/reset facility, the data is still kept beyond this limit, so they can be changed at any time.

Download the zip, extract the XML file and import using the vb Product Manager.

Note: The experimental TMS support has been removed from the 3.8 Version - as of 3.8 Gold a template hook is available.

Template Hook

Please note that this modification uses the following template hook in the SHOWTHREAD template ;


This must be present in any customised template/style you are using, otherwise this modification will not display.


v3.8.001 : First Release for vb 3.8.
v3.8.002 : Changed to use template hook in 3.8.0 Gold.
v3.8.003 : Fix permission bugs when using the forum restrictions option.

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