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Word Links (Turn words into links)
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Gerçek Ad: Tayfun T.
Kayıt Tarihi: Nov 2017
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Güzergah: Istanbul Anadolu
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Mod: vBulletin 3.8, yazar TTayfun 21 Jan 2018, 01:52

My VB4 Version of this mod won the June 2011 Mod-of-the-Month!! This is virtually an identical mod- thank you for your votes!

The purpose of this mod is to automatically turn keywords or phrases you specify into links. You set a list of keywords and a list of URLs to link them to and let the mod do the rest.

Demo Link

There are many options as you can see in the screenshot. You can choose to include the "nofollow" attribute, choose to open links in a new tab, choose to match whole words only or not, specify specific forums, enable in social groups and visitor messages, and disable completely for selected usergroups.

Version: 2.0
  • New in 0.91: Limit the number of links created per keyword per post.
  • New in 0.92: Use CSS to customize the look of links created by this mod.
  • New in 0.93: Linked words now retain the same case as they were originally typed. Also a new option to specify whether linked words are case sensitive or not.
  • New in 0.94: The <span> tags for use with custom CSS are now optional. They can be turned off to prevent unnecessary HTML generation if not using custom CSS. Also bug & conflict fix.
  • New in 0.95: Enable or disable in PMs.
  • New in 0.96: Should fix conflicts with AME mod, restores same case change in 0.93.
  • New in 1.0: Additional code to prevent unintended linking. No new features.
  • New in 1.1: Set approximate number of max links per page.
  • New in 1.2: Fixed bug when Ampersands (&) were used in keywords.
  • New in 1.3: Added optional notice on posts with links and associated phrase.
  • New in 1.31: Bug-fix. Somewhere around version 1.0 "Match Whole Words Only" stopped working. It is now fixed.
  • New in 1.5: Two new features: 1) You can now use a csv data file for your links (and advanced features) if you prefer and 2) You can use a custom user profile field to allow users to disable the mod individually if you choose.
  • New in 2.0: New condensed code. New option for custom regex code.

Example... If someone types:

"I bought it on Amazon."

This mod can auto convert it to:

"I bought it on Amazon.

And you would presumably put your Amazon affiliate code, if you had one, in the link.

NOTE: This mod does not alter the actual posts or the database. Disabling or uninstalling the mod will remove all links.

There is a VB3 and VB4 version of this mod, please download the correct version.

Full instructions in zip file.

*NEW IN 0.92*

As of version 0.92 all links created are within a <span> tag of class "boplink." This allows you to customize the look of the links created by this mod ussing CSS.

In your "Additional CSS" you can add the following CSS code and customize it to your liking for each of your styles. This is OPTIONAL. If you do not add this CSS links will retain the same style as existing links in your posts.

Sample CSS:

Kod Blok Kilitli:      (Kayıt veya giriş yapmalısın)  
Engellenmiş, kayıtlı olmayan veya onay bekleyen kişiler kodlara erişemezler.

This CSS will highlight the links in yellow and turn the text to red and bold when mouse-overed.

In VB 3.x Additional CSS is accessible via Style Manger -> All Style Options, scroll down to Additional CSS Definitions. Use the lower box to customize the CSS uniquely for each style.

This mod uses functions that may not work on non-latin (multibyte/unicode) characters. I'm sorry but it is only tested/working on English and other latin based alphabets.

Please Mark as Installed if you use this.

[Source]: İçerik Kaynağı

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File Type: zip Word Links FREE for VB3 by BOP5 (244.6 KB, 0 views)

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Word Links (Turn words into links)-word_links_free_vb4_settings_full.jpg   Word Links (Turn words into links)-user_profile_field_setup.jpg   Word Links (Turn words into links)-wordlinks_vb3.jpg   Word Links (Turn words into links)-wordlinks_phrase.jpg  

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