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Guide to StumbleUpon Traffic
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yazan vB.Org Poster 10 Jul 2018, 16:40

StumbleUpon (SU) is one of the coolest social bookmarking sites. You can really get some traffic out of this site. Today I’ll give you some tips that would help you get the most out of it. And I’ve specifically written this guide for blogs. But, you could use this guide for your forum too.

Stumbling other sites

I’m assuming that you have an account and have the toolbar installed. If not then go do that first. Okay don’t just start stumbling your own blog. Lets make it look legit and save your ass from getting banned by SU. So, go to some of your favourite sites and click on the “I like” button on your toolbar aka stumbling it.
Do that on about 2-6 sites. And make sure that you write a review on at least 2 sites. Make sure that the review is nice and not just some dumb shit.

Time to stumble your blog

Yeah now lets work on your blog. First pick a post (preferably a recent one) that you think is superb and would be useful to people. Bookmark that. Write a nice little review and try not to look spammy. Okay good. Don’t stumble all the posts. Just pick the best ones.

Adding friends

Add a few random people as your friend. And if you know people that use SU and has been a member for a long time then you just won the lottery. Add them right away. Ask them to stumble your blog and write a nice review.

Stumbling Networks

There are sites which are dedicated to stumble exchanges. Like people there will stumble you and in return you’ll stumble them. Smart bastards, huh? One of the sites that does that is StumbleXchange. And another one is BlogCatalog. You’ll find groups like this on BlogCatalog that exchange stumbles. You could give them a try. It’ll be worth it.

So that’s it for now. Have fun stumbling!

I wrote this for my blog ( Feel free to subscribe to my feeds for more tips and tricks like this.
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