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How 2 Guide - Backups, Upgrades, and Recovery!
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Makale: vBulletin 4 Makaleleri, yazan vB.Org Poster 09 Jul 2018, 23:42

vBulletin 4.0 - Backups, Upgrades, and Recovery! Updated 1.15.2010

I wanted to post this here just like I did for, you can locate this same tutorial there via this link: [Suite OR Forum] How 2 Guide - Backups, Upgrades, and Recovery! - vBulletin Community Forum[Suite-OR-Forum]-How-2-Guide-Backups-Upgrades-and-Recovery!

If your unsure of ANY steps below please post but remember I color coded each section so when your scrolling for info bare in mind what's in blue pretty much relates to the blue text area and the other colors accordingly as well etc etc .


Upgrading is an important process and should not be taken lightly. Please be aware you should always do a backup and here is the best way to be perfectly safe about it:

Section 1 - Don't be stubborn, read the instructions you Grinch .

1. Check the Minimum Requirements found here:
vBulletin 4: Minimum System Requirements - vBulletin Community Forum
Also found here:
If your Hosting account/Server is not up to par with the minimum requirements it might not upgrade at all or cause you more trouble then it's worth! Some host will move you to another server with the minimum requirements if available or perhaps for an additional fee or monthly cost.

1a. Trevor Hannant has released a very detailed Guide to Upgrading including screenshots so I highly recommend you view all of Trevor's upgrading instructions, they might be just what you need for a super simple upgrade then you can skip the upgrade information below and simply use this forum tutorial if you need to recover your forum or learn some useful information on backups!

Please see all five parts via the vBulletin CMS however here are the links:

vBulletin 4.x Upgrade Instructions - vBulletin Community Forum

1b. Another bit of helpful information is Wayne Lukes information on upgrading to 4.0 located here:

2. Test the backup to see if it will restore in a test environment.
3. If it restores then use it to test the upgrade but remember to disable all mods in admincp product manager and via Section 4 below in the config file.
4. If the upgrade was successful... now what? You decide! Change your forums folder name and rename the test one to be your forum, redo cookies to prevent login problems using tools.php and any posts since the time of the backup used are lost... or tell your members now about upgrading and close the board and repeat? Make that choice now and simply read for your parts below it's quite simple to keep up with otherwise post a comment and await a reply.
5. Well this is step number five so did it work? If so great copy this article and save on your computer with your vbulletin files so you don't have to track it down later if needed - always be prepared!

Now if you need more details on how to backup, test or restore here is some more information for you.


Section 2 - Patience is a virtue.

1. If your upgrading a live site please take the proper precautions such as testing in advance as listed above in Section 1.
2. You are allowed to run a vbtest under your license I suggest you install or upgrade a backup of your live site first to make sure it goes smoothly IF you are going to in fact upgrade, disregarding our warnings of upgrading a live site. More information on that is here:

Section 3 - Better Safe than Sorry.

1. Backup your Database and Files so you can restore to your current version on your live board now i.e. 3.5/3.6/3.7/3.8 etc if anything goes wrong or to use for making a test site.

How to do this Mike?

Database Backup - Cpanel? phpMyAdmin? Do you have any of these? If so let's review some options in each:


There is an option to copy a database using Cpanel but I have not been successful on with it and found simply exporting using cPanel the using BigDump to import into a new databse saved me time trying to figure out other ways with each host being slightly different.To backup follow these steps:

1. Close your forum.
2. Use Cpanel to access your phpMyAdmin.
3. In phpMyAdmin, select the database you want to copy from the menu on the left.
4. Click export, then click choose "save as file" and save it you your computer along with your vbulletin files.


Can be found here: & Special Thanks to FF|Skyrider for the reminder!!
1. Follow the information on installing it, run a backup and test a restore. Simple enough and secure using htaccess although I still find BigDump (listed below) to be easier.


Some host though have timeouts or limited sessions in place as mentioned above so you attempting to restore it will never work unless you use something like BIGDUMP. Here is some more info on automated backups (do this when you have time) which has links for BIGDUMP so you can upload a large Database.

1. See the info below, I like to give credit and that's where I found the reference on google.

From that page, credit to XOOPS see post for details on author:

When using phpMyAdmin here are the setting I normally check (within the yellow highlighted area in the image) that I normally check before exporting, otherwise some systems default options checked will not work properly if re-importing

1a.Check out this information as well posted by Floris!

Section 4 - Practice Makes Perfect.

Now that you have made a test site (or if upgrading now on a live site) you need to do a few things first to make sure it all goes smoothly. You have backed up and either already rushed off and upgraded or you have restored a copy of your database and your ready to create a test environment for mods or to test an upgrade on! Let's see how to restore the files below:

1. If your making a backup of your site to test for mods or an upgrade copy the folder your forum is in and rename it then upload back to your server via FTP (i.e. Filezilla) or the Cpanel File Manager or Legacy File Manager (Retain a copy of the original files and do not alter them). Filezilla I find to be quicker than Cpanel file managers but long story short you want to make a backup all the files, every single folder and file. Why? Well if you have problems while upgrading to 4.0 you have already uploaded the new files so they will not work if you try to restore if the upgrade fails OR if making a test site you need ca copy of the original files to properly restore the site exactly as it is. Some FTP Clients do not automatically upload files in the correct mode, please read the install information provided by vBulletin to upload the correct files in the correct mode i.e. ASCII or Binary etc.

2. Download your current version (3.6 or 3.7/3.8 etc etc) and I mean the exact same version your forum is running now before the upgrade this will be needed to restore if required. Also retain an unaltered copy fo your entire forum folder on your computer as listed above in step 2.

3. Turn off ALL MODIFICATIONS. You can do this by disabling them all but the best and highly recommended way of doing this is by locating your config.php file and edit it (make a copy of it first and do not use notepad to edit use an external editor such as notepad ++ google it etc) and at the top below <php? add this:

Kod Blok Kilitli:      (Kayıt veya giriş yapmalısın)  
Engellenmiş, kayıtlı olmayan veya onay bekleyen kişiler kodlara erişemezler.

*YOU MUST DISABLE MODS BEFORE UPGRADING, not afterwards when it failed the first time, NOW.

3a. Revert back to your Default style, this is important and can be the difference between a viewable forum after your upgrade. If you do not have a default style or have modified it in some way please remember you can simply create a new fresh default style via the Style Manager.

** DELETE ALL OLD vBulletin 3.x Styles this can cause problems when upgrading if you do not! Only revert to default OR make a new Default for your 3.x before you upgrade!!

3b. While your in the config file of whatever site your upgrading be sure to change the database details to match the new database!!!

3c. In your browser navigate to your forums url i.e. provide your customer number and then follow the prompts on screen and upgrade!

Did it work? If yes then great! Enjoy

Quick Tips
* Don't forget to turn back on the mods so your CMS and Blog will work, you can now uninstall unwanted 3.x mods one at a time until they are removed if you did not uninstall them before upgrading and remember to delete the files associated with the modifications as well.

** If your experiencing some problems with links not working properly or something seems funky try:
(Thanks Birute for the Reminder!)
a) Clear your cookies, CLOSE your browser and then launch your browser again i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc etc.
b) If that does not remedy it try: AdminCP > Maintenance > Update Counters and start updating! READ them all carefully as some can reset statistics you wish to retain and they will not be recoverable once the counters are updated unless you fall back to the most recent backup and possibly redo the upgrade process so be very careful and if anything refer to the older vBulletin 3 Manual as much of it stil pertains to the 4.0 version it just needs a bit of updating but for reference it's perfect:


If the backup worked and your forum is upgraded and running fine please stop reading this guide now and go have fun with vBulletin 4.0! If you have any Bugs please confirm they are not specific to only you for some reason i.e. MySQL or PHP versions (Although you should have confirmed the minimum requirements were met before upgrading regardless).


Section 5 - What a bloody mess...

Continuing with this Guide from here down means you had a failed upgrade and wish to restore!

Big forum or you just don't want your live site to stay down while you wait on a fix.. is there a fix? Frantic are you? Well simply restore back to your previous version if you saved a copy of your forum files and database as you were told to above!

Depending on where the install script failed, it might not have modified you current database so you see errors because it's new files for 4.0 not communicating properly w/ the 3.x database . Simply re-upload your previous versions files as if you were updating and then run the upgrade script, there is an option to run it anyways please click that and proceed.

If it did not alter the DB then you should see your live site back up! If it still shows errors then you might be in trouble and want to restore back to your previous version or if you did not make a backup now might be the time to submit a support ticket otherwise without a backup you will need to do a fresh install and have all your members re-register.

Section 6 - The mop bucket.

1. You can try restoring your database via phpMyAdmin but some host have file upload or session limits/timeouts in place. You can ask them to restore it for you which is the quickest way.

They won't restore or charge $$$.$$ ?

Now you must do the rest plain and simple, buck up and let's get this done Good Sir! (or Lady )

1a. Restore it yourself by using Cpanel, MySQLDumper, or BigDump as listed above in Section 3 - Better Safe than Sorry and remember when restoring to change the config file details to the new database and you might have to run the tools.php as listed above in Section 1 - Don't be stubborn, read the instructions a copy of it is located in your do_not_upload folder that came with your vBulletin forum or suite download. Again, in regards to restoring your Database, if your not having success and it's getting to you that bad simply contact your host and ask for their assistance.

1b. Your files... Upload all of them back to the same directory and all the files are as they were with the database now restored!

Now check and see if it's restored? I hope it goes well for many of you, I had to save a 3.8 forum a while back from an owner who jumped then gun and tried to install herself so I thought I would post this up since many will be here for 4.0 ?'s and support just like many will only be on!
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