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HOW TO Find what Stylevar you need to edit
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yazan vB.Org Poster 10 Jul 2018, 16:31

Loads of people are having problems finding which stylevar they need for a certain element. Here's an easy way to get you started in the world of css.

You will need:
Right now navigate to the a page that has something you want to change on, open firebug and click inspect as circled here:

Then, using your mouse, hover over the part of your site you want to edit, and all the CSS values attributed to it will appear in the bottom right hand corner:

The underline is the classes/ids that are affecting said element, from these you can derive the name of the style var. In the example we can see the class is ".navtabs li a.navtab:hover", which gives us a clue we're looking for some sort of "tab" variable. We have to use common sense and look in the "navbar" section of the stylevar manager, and we can see there a few variables called "navbar_tab".

If you still can't find the stylevar you need, you can also copy the id from the firebug panel - .navtabs li a.navtab:hover - and go to Search in Templates. That will bring up the css template where it is defined - vbulletin-chrome.css in this case. Click on the template to Edit and then click on Find (the words you searched for will already be entered in the Search box). You will then see exactly what stylevars define that class (in case it isn't obvious):

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We can see the var that we need to edit (navbar_tab_selected_background) here:

In this example (below) we can see the CSS name for this bit of the forum is called ".threadbit .alt", so look in the threadbit section in the stylevars and voila! You should see alternating colour in there.

This obviously won't plainly point out the variables all the time, but it's a step in the right direction. You can also check you're editing the right variable by checking if the values you see in firebug reflect the variables in the admincp.

Handy Hints:
  • You can open Firebug with F12!
  • You can also right-click and select "inspect element" to get right in the action!
  • You can click on the CSS values and change them on-the-fly to get a preview!
  • You can edit the HTML as well!
  • There are ways to get Firebug on IE, if you really, really must.!
*Edit- Would have looked better with the images displayed inline as in the Preview
Cheers to Lynne for noting that you can search for the CSS classes/ids in Search In Templates
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