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Multiple forums - 1 user DB
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yazan vB.Org Poster 10 Jul 2018, 16:58

Without getting things horribly complicated lets just say the DB"s have to be on the same server

Telnet into your system. You may need root access to do this properly. Stop your MySQL service before doing anything much.

Change into the directory where your secondary forum is. Create a shell script and paste these contents into it: (obviously change /backup2/mysql/msusenet/ to the location of your main DB)

rm -f useractivation.*
rm -f userban.*
rm -f userfield.*
rm -f usergroupleader.*
rm -f usergrouprequest.*
rm -f usernote.*
rm -f userpromotion.*
rm -f usertextfield.*
rm -f usertitle.*
rm -f administrator.*
rm -f pm.*
rm -f pmreceipt.*
rm -f pmtext.*
rm -f user.*
rm -f usergroup.*
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/pm.frm pm.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/pm.MYD pm.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/pm.MYI pm.MYI
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/pmreceipt.frm pmreceipt.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/pmreceipt.MYD pmreceipt.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/pmreceipt.MYI pmreceipt.MYI
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/pmtext.frm pmtext.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/pmtext.MYD pmtext.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/pmtext.MYI pmtext.MYI
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/administrator.frm administrator.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/administrator.MYD administrator.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/administrator.MYI administrator.MYI
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/useractivation.frm useractivation.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/useractivation.MYD useractivation.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/useractivation.MYI useractivation.MYI
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/userban.frm userban.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/userban.MYD userban.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/userban.MYI userban.MYI
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/userfield.frm userfield.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/userfield.MYD userfield.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/userfield.MYI userfield.MYI
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usergroupleader.frm usergroupleader.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usergroupleader.MYD usergroupleader.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usergroupleader.MYI usergroupleader.MYI
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usergrouprequest.frm usergrouprequest.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usergrouprequest.MYD usergrouprequest.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usergrouprequest.MYI usergrouprequest.MYI
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usernote.frm usernote.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usernote.MYD usernote.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usernote.MYI usernote.MYI
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/userpromotion.frm userpromotion.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/userpromotion.MYD userpromotion.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/userpromotion.MYI userpromotion.MYI
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usertextfield.frm usertextfield.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usertextfield.MYD usertextfield.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usertextfield.MYI usertextfield.MYI
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usertitle.frm usertitle.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usertitle.MYD usertitle.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usertitle.MYI usertitle.MYI
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/user.frm user.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/user.MYD user.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/user.MYI user.MYI
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usergroup.frm usergroup.frm
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usergroup.MYD usergroup.MYD
ln -s /backup2/mysql/msusenet/usergroup.MYI usergroup.MYI

Backup ALL DB's involved!

chmod +x the file you pasted that info into. ./ execute it.....

start MySQL back up.... You can see it in action at 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable and the usenet sites linked in the header. There's some issues involved with this but its NO PHP code hacking at all! its a simple hackish way of doing it but its the easiest way I could think of.

Anybody have anything to add to this? Don't share your template file, I've received rather goofy results and broken quite a few things while sharing some of the other tables. YMMV
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