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SEO For Pagerank And Backlink
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yazan vB.Org Poster 10 Jul 2018, 16:13

Which Factors Influence Pagerank?

We can add a lot of factors to this topic.But we must know most important factors.

1. Your Content
2. Website Title
3. Meta Keywords
4. Meta Description

These are most important factors but we can add more.Especially, your template coding. Because browsers are try to correct the wrong codes in your pages, so this takes a long time and finally your website has slow speed.

Now we will explain each factor.

1. Your Content

This is very very important factor.Contents must be own.There is not any copied content from other websites. If your contents are high quality, google and other search engines will index your website tidy periods and than your popularity will increase

2.Website Title

This is very important factor like content.Your website title must be proportional with your content, and they must be explanatory. You must select your title carefully.Because, this is your identification card in search engines.

3. Meta Keywords

These are golden words for your website ranking.You must select these words carefully like website title. Example, If your website is about comics and humor, you must select meta keywords like comics,humor etc. Total Keywords length must between 200-400 characters.

4.Meta Description

Meta description must be summary of your content, try to write short description.It must be maximum 200 characters length.

What Is Back-link? Why I Need Back-links?

Back-links are the direct links to given your website by other websites. But i don't advise you very much back-links, because google or other search engines can see your website like a spam site.

We must careful to two points While we are taking back-links from other websites.
1.The website which will you take back-link has similar content with your website.
2.The website which will you take back-link has over or same pagerank with your website.

For example: Taking 500 back-links from PR(pagerank)=0 or PR=3 websites can not influence your ranking much more, but taking 2-3 back-links from PR=6 or PR=7 websites will increase your website at search engine results.

What Will I Do For High Ranking And Popularity?

There are some methods for this.

1.Try to apply the important factors which we said above.
2.If you take back-links, they must be direct links to your website.No iframe or direction codes.
3.Never has spam content.
4.Try to use more links in your contents, don't fear to giving links to other websites.Because links are important for indexing your website and search engine results.
5.If you have an article website, try to write your own and short articles.

This article for beginners or new webmasters for learning Google pagerank and back-links.

Coming new articles soon.

Turkish translated article version can be found at: - is for sale (Haylazturk)

Resource: - is for sale (Haylazturk)
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