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Ultimate Vbulletin Backup Guide || With or Without ROOT ACCESS with over 5GB Backups
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yazan vB.Org Poster 10 Jul 2018, 16:20

Hey Guys,

I own a VBULLETIN , its kind of big one at this time.
Here are the stats as i write the guide :
Threads :: 979,845
Posts :: 1,159,042
Members :: 181,012

All of us know, BACKING up a big board or even a medium one is literally a big pain.
All of us need a system to backup forums to a place , of course AUTOMATICALLY.

I searched a lot of thing, tried everything possible to backup things.
But yes, i faced many issues like these :
  1. Incomplete or Faulty backups due to database being continuously used by traffic.
  2. The website is already loading the servers & with the MYSQL Being dumped makes the servers heavy leaving the sites inaccessible for longer time before it becomes normal.
  3. If you do this manually means when the website is getting hits, you end up with a backup that many times wont restore properly.
Yes, it has happened with me so many times that i was fed up with it and finally decided to make a short working script for myself. Now, its confirmed working i am sharing it here with you guys.

Considering the comments , the script is now working :

1. With SSH LOGIN to Backup Servers.
2. Without SSH Login to Backup Servers
3. Can be RUN VIA CRON Setup, scroll down for instructions.

Mission :

We will backup the database locally and then finally back it up to the REMOTE BACKUP server.


Requirements :

1. Dedicated Servers.
2. Root access of course.
3. A BackUp Server with root access.

Process :

As everything is to be done AUTOMATED, we need to set up the SOURCE SERVER & DEST SERVER to have PASSWORD LESS logins.

How to do that :

I prefer to get a TWO WAY SETUP Done cause sometimes You may need it.

Now, we move to Backups :

All of us know about the MYSQL DUMP Command, so here is the command that you can use directly :

backup_YourSiteName__`date '+%m-%d-%Y'`.sql
Backup SQL file with website name & date of backups.

So, this command will back up your database to the BACKUP directory & include your Website name & DATE of course you can change the file name as you want to.

Now, we need to take the backups in a way that :
  1. It Does not OVERLOAD the servers.
  2. It does not allow the DB access at all else the backups are ruined.
To solve this, we can close the forums , put the SITE UNDER MAINTENANCE Pages, BUT EVERYTHING failed for me.. I did all this, it gives me backup but of course loads the servers as the SERPS traffic keep on visiting the forums and you can not stop them at all.

So, i finally decided to let the FORUMS BECOME UNREACHABLE to take the backups & its a matter of minutes to back up things.
Now, to automate this thing, i just wrote a small script :

Now,what are these steps doing :

1. cd /path/to/your/backup/directory/
Goes to your backup directory.

2. cp -r /home/backup/* /home/backup_backup/
Copies the last done backup to ANOTHER BACKUP DIRECTORY, IN Case of my forums, i prefer this, you can leave it out.

3. service httpd stop
STOPS THE HTTPD Services leaving the sites inaccessible & REDUCING THE SERVER LOADS TO BARE MINIMUM.

4. rm ./*
mysqldump --user Your_DB_User_Here --password=Your_DB_PASS_here Your_DB_NAME_Here > /path/to/your/backup/directory/backup_YourSiteName__`date '+%m-%d-%Y'`.sql

Removes the OLD BACK in that directory, takes a new backup, stores the new backup as a file with DATE.
I DID NOT TAKE A GZIP backup as i have sometimes got CORRUPT BACKUPs with it, SQL files always worked for me, its your choice.

5. service httpd start
Starts the server httpd again, making the sites accessible.

6. scp *.sql

Now, we did the PASSWORD LOGIN SETUP ABOVE, this command copies your backup securely to the backup servers via SCP , so no worries.

Advantages :

1. The backups are always good & worked fine for me. I never had a faulty backup or corrupt sql file with this method.

2. The server loads NEVER SHOOT SKY HIGH as only MYSQLDUMP works at a time before the servers are open again.

3. Yes, the site becomes inaccessible for a couple of minutes in my case 1 Minute 20 seconds at present. But, its better then to show TIMED OUT ERRORS for 10 minutes in which SERVER LOAD is so high that the site lags badly.

4. Backups are safe in local storage as well as the REMOTE STORAGE.


How Do I Setup a Cron Job To Backup Data Automatically?

Just add cron job as per your requirements:

How can i use the FTP CLIENT on this ..??

If you guys want to use FTP Clients for the back up & do not have ROOT access to set up SCP access, you can use this one :

1. Install the NCFTP Client.

Use yum or apt-get package manager to install ftp client called ncftp.

2. Replace the command for SCP with NCFTP :

Use ncftp command instead of SCP :

Kod Blok Kilitli:      (Kayıt veya giriş yapmalısın)  
Engellenmiş, kayıtlı olmayan veya onay bekleyen kişiler kodlara erişemezler.

This will login via NCFTP Client , then move to your backup directory & use the MPUT command to dump the backup to the FTP & on completion will quit the session.

And about GRACEFULLY CLOSING THE Vbulletin :

If your VB gets around medium traffic , it can be tried but I will always prefer you to SHUT DOWN the HTTPD for just few minutes.

I know it will make the website inaccessible but will ENSURE THAT Backups are complete and can be SAFELY restored without any errors , as you know when the dump stats the DATABASE is still in use for one or other queries & this also lags the backups & may lead to corrupt backups.

The script worked for me , so i just shared with you.
Of course, you can take my help in anything above i will gladly help you with things. But I WONT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DATA LOSS occurring by application of the above things.

I hope you will use the script and if you do, I WOULD REQUEST A WORD "THANKS" in this post.

I also provide professional VBULLETIN HOSTING & Solutions, now backups too.
You can reach me at :

Enjoy with VB.
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